We’re Moving

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Have you heard that we are moving?

That is correct! We will in the near future be moving to a new location. Property has been purchased at 21 Shull White Rd., and this will soon be the new home of the Grayson County Water District.

How does this affect you as a customer?

You should not see any effect what-so-ever except that you will have a new address to come to for conducting Water District business. It is also important to inform you that the Water District will no longer have any affiliation with WRECC after its relocation. It is anticipated that we will have the new office and warehouse ready to move to after the first of the year 2018. Follow the web site for updates on the Progress.

Also worth sharing is that sometime before the end of the year we will be implementing new billing software and at that point when you come in the office at 113 South Lee Avenue you will have to pay your water bill to us in one location in the office and take care of paying your electric bill and any electric business in the other part of the building.

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