My Water Tastes and Smells Bad

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Does your drinking water taste or smell funny? 

During certain times of the year and depending on where you live you may notice a different taste or smell in your drinking water. The predominant tastes and odors are musty or earthy.

Earthy or musty tastes and odors, particularly in hot water, are often the result of an algal bloom in the untreated water supply. Algae thrive when water is warm and there is abundant sunlight. Thus, taste- and odor-producing algae typically bloom in the late summer or fall.

The two most common metabolites are geosmin and 2-methylisoborneal (MIB). Even though these compounds are harmless, the human senses of taste and smell are extremely sensitive to them and can detect them in the water at concentrations as low as 5 parts per trillion

You may occasionally notice other common odors in your tap water such as fishy, grassy or marshy. These are also caused by compounds produced by different types of algae. Although these compounds may impart an odor, they do not adversely affect the safety of your drinking water.

Monitoring and treatment 

Grayson County Water District’s current methods for the removal of taste and odor include the use of powdered activated carbon, and granular activated carbon at our water treatment plant which typically removes the taste and odor causing compounds.

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For general information about water quality or to report a problem, call the Grayson County Water District office at 270-259-2917, or email at . If we don’t know there is a problem, we can’t fix it.

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