Water Usage

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Grayson County Water District made it through the coldest tempts it’s ever experienced with very little issues. This was all made possible by the dedication and preparedness of the Board of Directors and it’s employees. We made some strategic moves to get as prepared for the record low temperatures and possible power outages over the past several days. Anytime the temps drop below freezing, most people let their faucets drip. While this may prevent your pipes from freezing, it puts a great strain on the Districts water system. The District easily doubles the amount of water it treats and pumps each day due to this. It is very important that all customers of the District check their services and make sure everything is shut off and there are no leaks in or around your home or property. You will see the District employees traveling through the system over the next few days looking for leaks. Please let us know if you find or see any leaks.