We are your water company.

As a division of county government, Grayson County Water District will work to meet the needs of customers with reliable and competitively-priced water utility services.

Our History

The Grayson County Water District was for formed by a group of visionaries with the idea of safe affordable drinking water for the rural areas of Grayson County in 1969. Fiscal Court passed a resolution officially IMG_9767-HDRcreating the Grayson County Water District and in 1974 the district began providing water to the county.

The early stages of the District were more centered on the nucleolus of the City of Leitchfield which was where the District purchased the water it delivered to its customers. The first lines had been placed east of Leitchfield to Clarkson and towards Big Clifty, west towards Millwood and south towards Shrewsbury.

Early records show that at the close of the year 1976 the District had 357 services, and 22 miles of line. The average customer had grown to use 2,449 gallons of water each month at a cost of $9.82. The Water District had
assets of $576,390 and annual sales of $51,554.

Today the Water District has over 7,700 services, 563 miles of main water line, approximately 44 miles of service line, eight water storage tanks, seven booster pump stations, and 14 pressure regulator stations. The residential customer usage is now 3150 gallons per month at a cost of $32.21. The Water District now has assets of $22,882,081 and annual sales of $3,211,486

For more than thirty years the Water District purchased all of its water from the City of Leitchfield, with rapid growth and expansion it became necessary for the Water District to secure a larger water source and the decision was made to build a water treatment plant of their own. In early 2000 the Board began plans for a water plant and in July 2002 they began treating approximately 60% of the water needed for the IMG_9734-HDRcustomers of the Grayson County Water District. Contracts are still in place today with the City of Leitchfield for up to 950,000 gallons of water per day, and the Water District has the ability to treat up to 2,100,000 gallons of water per day for a total available 3,050,000 per day.

Today the purchased water serves the Water District customers in the eastern part of the County, Brandenburg Rd, and Annetta Rd. customers. The remaining areas of the County are served by our own plant. The Water District has an average daily consumption of 1,100,000 gallons per day and peak daily consumption of 1,800,000.

The Water District also has connections with Butler County, Edmonson County, Ohio County and Hardin County Water District 2, for emergency back up use.

The Grayson County Water District will strive to be a progressive and innovative leader in the water utility industry, trusted and respected by employees, members, customers, business partners, and communities.GCWD Vision Statement


Put safety first.

The Grayson County Water District will seek to ensure that the best industry safety practices are being implemented and our customers and workers' well-being is held as the number 1 most important aspect of the organization.


Uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Honesty in action. That's the foundation of who we are and what we were founded upon. The Grayson County Water District is here to serve you in the best way possible. And that means operating with the highest levels of integrity.


Commit to improving the quality of life for members and customers.

Quality doesn't just refer to our water. Though GCWD all of their customers with water that is met with the most rigorous of quality control testing - it's more than that. It's about what we do to make your life better.


Acknowledge that innovation, communication, and teamwork are essential ingredients to achieve customer satisfaction.

It's all about the customers here at GCWD. And we wouldn't be able to provide our customers with top notch services and quality if we weren't willing to innovate.

Rules & Regulations

rayson County Water District is organized under and governed by Kentucky Revised Statutes. The Kentucky Public Service Commission approves and monitors all the rules and regulations governing the services of the Grayson County Water District. Please see click here to view our complete Tariff filed with the PSC or it may be inspected at our office located at 21 Shull White Road, Leitchfield, KY 42754.