Service Fee Schedule

  • Connect Fee - $15

    Fee to connect an existing water service.

  • Deposit - $70

    Deposit for water service

  • Commercial Deposit - $270

    Deposit for water service

  • Trip Fee - $15

    Fee to make a trip to a water customer’s meter

  • Reconnect Fee - $30

    Fee to reconnect a service that has been disconnected for nonpayment

  • After hours Reconnect Fee - $170

    Fee to reconnect a service that has been disconnected for nonpayment after 4:00pm

  • Meter Investigation Fee - $15

    Fee that is paid if a meter has been found to have been turned on without the permission from the water district.

  • New Meter Installation - $1,230

    Aid of Construction fee paid to get a brand new service installed at a location

Applying for a New Water Meter

Kentucky law requires that the interior plumbing system must be installed and approved in accordance with the State Plumbing Code before a permanent water supply can be connected. The Water District may install the water service once the plumbing permit is issued by the State Plumbing Inspectors. Installation and maintenance of all water service lines beyond the water meter is the customer’s responsibility and must meet requirements of the Kentucky State Plumbing Law. The plumbing permit is obtained from the Grayson County Health Department at 124 E White Oak, Leitchfield, Kentucky. Office hours for obtaining a plumbing permit are from 8:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. Tuesday and Fridays. For information about the plumbing permit or customer service lines, contact the Plumbing Inspector at 270-259-8046 during the above office hours.

If using water from a source other that the Water District, all existing water supply lines must be disconnected completely from the service line prior to connecting to the Water District’s line. The State Plumbing Inspector will inspect the service line for proper installation and cross-connection. Cross-connections between private water supply and the Water District’s supply could result in contamination of the public water supply and cause a serious health threat to other water users.

Authorization to install the water meter must be provided to the Water District at the same time application for service is requested. When application is made, a plumbing permit, a service address, and a payment of $1,230 are required with the possibility of a $70 deposit. At the time of application, a stake will be given to applicant. It is extremely important this stake be placed immediately at the desired location for the water meter and the applicant informs the Water District office that the stake has been placed. While the Water District will make every effort to install the water meter at the customer’s desired location, this is not always feasible. Situations where a road crossing has to be made may change the location where the meter will be set. The field personnel when spotting the meter stake will determine this. It is strongly recommended that no water line construction is done until AFTER the water meter is installed. Once the application, connect fee, plumbing permit is provided, and the stake is placed and verified by the Water District, construction work will be scheduled to install the water meter. Every effort will be made for installation to be completed within two weeks, depending upon emergencies, repairs, and other scheduled construction work. Clean up and backfilling around the meter site is the customer’s responsibility except in cases when the Water District has to make a road crossing to set the meter. In such cases the Water District will be responsible for repairing, grading and seeding the property of the other party involved.

Employees should be given access to customers’ premises at all times for the purpose of reading meters, testing, repairing, removing, or exchanging equipment belonging to the Water District. This includes safe, clear access to the water meter and other Water District equipment. All meters, service connections, and other equipment furnished by the Water District are the property of the Water District. Customers provide a space and protection for the property. In the event of loss or damage by the customer, the cost of the repairs or replacement will have to be paid by the customer.